Sitoo and Madden in new partnership for easy access to retail data analytics

March 29, 2021

Mar 29, 2021

Partner Insight

"Best practice insights around sales and inventory data"

Sitoo - a leading platform for retail POS and unified commerce - includes Madden Analytics as a solution partner to offer their customers ready-to-go data analytics made for fashion, apparel and consumer goods. 

Madden’s analytics platform fetches real-time data directly from Sitoo, and combines across channels - e.g. with D2C web sales and inventory and wholesale sell-through. Intuitive and best-practice analytics is presented in Maddens’ web interface, providing insights to improve sales, inventory management, assortment planning and buying. 

“Madden Analytics have deep knowledge and experience from retail and consumer goods, and their analytics service covers what many of our customers need - best practice insights around sales and inventory data, with a quick yet robust integration to Sitoo” says Isabell Aakervik, Chief Partner & Marketing Officer at Sitoo.

Madden Analytics is specialized in fast and effortless onboarding with data from multiple sources - and with Sitoo added to Maddens’ list of partnerships within POS, e-com and ERP providers, the service can be integrated as plug-and-play for Sitoo users and be up-and-running from day one. 

“Sitoo is a tier 1 provider of a next generation POS solution within our core customer segment, and our partnership provides strategic value for current and future customers using Sitoo POS. Our joint solutions have been a great match for several customers already, and we look forward to helping more brands and stores reap the benefits of a seamless combination of leading POS and analytics softwares”, says Axel Jacobsson, CEO at Madden Analytics. 

Madden Analytics offers free-of-charge trial periods for all new customers, and future usage is subscription based with no set-up costs.

Contact: Axel Jacobsson, CEO Madden Analytics, 


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