Reliable inventory forecasting and planning made easy

Madden Analytics will save your team time and help you optimize inventory to boost sales.

Integrate directly to your existing systems - with no startup costs

Forecasting models

Multiple AI forecasting models optimized for different types of products. Easy to incorporate knowledge of merchandizers and buyers.

Intuitive interface

Overview dashboards of critical KPIs. Sales and stock forecasts are summarized in graphs for an intuitive visual representation of plans.

Tailor to your business

Plan and follow up on inventory based on your budget, lead times, MOQ, desired stock coverage and definitions of overstock and deadstock.

Flexible planning

Create forecasts and plan purchase orders in bulk or down to SKU level. Set plans for the full assortment in minutes and tweak based on your insights.

Inventory Planning

Optimize purchasing and reduce overstock

Replace complex spreadsheets and manual processes with real-time automation and data science to boost sales and save time. The planning module allows you to plan with the help of powerful statistical models and easily incorporate the knowledge of your merchandizer or buyer.

Quick and easy planning

Automated size curves

Optimized purchase orders

Reliable demand forecasts

Stock Optimization

Take action to increase inventory health

Analyze inventory and take action to increase stock turnover and reduce missed sales. Get automated recommendations powered by our forecasting models and adjustable business rules. Madden's stock optimization module offers easily navigated cross channel inventory reporting that filters across any dimension.

Re-stock recommendations

Overstock warnings

Never-out-of-stock labeling

Deadstock alerts

Sales & inventory Analytics

Track performance with intuitive reports

Boost impact with real-time data analytics and intuitive dashboards. Madden's reports allows you to follow up on performance and educate future decisions by cutting real-time sales and inventory data across any dimension.

Real-time data

D2C & B2B follow-up

KPI dashboards

Interactive reports

Ditch Excel,
buy with confidence.

Book a demo to learn how Madden will increase your brands stock turnover

Ditch Excel,
buy with confidence.

Book a demo to learn how Madden will increase your brands stock turnover