Inventory planning that
scales with your business

Reliable sales forecasting and inventory planning starting at € 495/month.

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Inventory platform

Get access to all Madden's features for a set monthly fee. Starting at €495/month up to € 5 million in yearly revenue.

  • Plan in detail or in bulk, depending on your needs
  • Forecast and plan down to SKU and warehouse level
  • Multiple AI forecasting models for different types of products
  • Reliable recommendations for stock optimization
  • Unlimited channel connections (warehouses, point-of-sales)
Custom plan for any size


Integrate and onboard to Madden Analytics with no startup costs.

  • One standard integration included
  • Free onboarding
  • Real-time data from all systems distilled into intuitive insights
  • Plug & Play integration to Centra, Sitoo, Ongoing, Business Central, Fortnox and more
Additional integrations for
a set monthly fee

Access & Usability

Enable data transparency across your organization with easy-to-use functionality.

  • Unlimited number of users
  • Cloud access
  • Intuitive data accessible across the organization
  • No technical competence or prior skills needed
  • Save time on manual processes
  • Tailor and tweak all plans and recommendations based on your insights

Frequently Asked Question

Is the integration really free of charge?

Yes, one standard integration is included in the monthly price. Madden has a set of standard integrations towards commonly used ERP/Ecom/POS/WMS systems (see question below). If your system is not on the list let us know and we’ll research if it can be added.

If you need more than one integration, e.g. not only integrating Madden to your ERP but also integrating to, for example, your WMS - we charge a set price of € 99/month for each extra integration.

Which systems or platforms
can Madden integrate to?

Madden integrates with most ERP/Ecom/POS/WMS systems.

The ones that we currently have plug-and-play standard integrations to are; Microsoft Business Central, Centra, Shopify, Sitoo POS, Ongoing WMS, BexOnline, Specter, Jeeves, Fortnox, Jetshop, Magento, Btwentyfour.

Can we feed purchase orders
from Madden to our ERP?

If you use Microsoft Business Central you can feed your POs created in Madden directly to Business Central. If you use another ERP and want to feed POs from Madden into the ERP, please get in touch for more info. 

It is always possible to export the Purchase Orders you have created in Madden Analytics in csv or excel format.

Can we import historical
data into Madden Analytics?

Yes, you can. You can either import POs manually if you have them on file, or we can pull them from your ERP depending on the system. Get in touch for more detailed information about your needs.

Can we analyze historical
data in Madden Analytics?

Of course! When we integrate Madden into your system we pull the available historical data. The more historical data there is, the better our forecasting models will work.

If you have recently switched systems, meaning that your historical data is not available in your current system, get in touch and we’ll go through alternatives on how to import it manually.

What are the main benefits
of using Madden Analytics?

The main benefit of using Madden is managing your inventory better. Most customers are using Madden with the target to decrease working capital and optimize cash flow with regard to production.

Our users often save a significant amount of time by reducing manual processes when it comes to forecasting inventory needs. Using Madden you get full stock visibility of real-time data and actionable short- and long-term buying recommendations based on the goals of your business.

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