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We are proud of Madden. But not nearly as proud as we are of the result our customers get by using Madden

Asket ensures accuracy and adaptability in inventory planning with Madden Analytics

“What would earlier take us half a day is three clicks away in Madden. The ease of use is remarkable. The fact that we can set accurate forecasts with a simple click saves us heaps of time and allows us to spend time on deeper analysis.”

– Tom Wellander, Business Controller

Earlier this year, Asket recognized the need for an advanced inventory planning solution to enhance predictability and flexibility. With a permanent collection and a sales model that promotes mindful consumption and eschews discounts, accurate planning is crucial to meet customer demand without accumulating excess stock that would tie up funds to the following year.

By utilizing Madden's comprehensive inventory planning system, Asket gains greater accuracy and predictability. This allows for more efficient collaboration with factories, ensuring a better response to customer demand while avoiding excessive inventory. A key aspect to facilitate Asket's commitment to responsible production, a core tenet of their philosophy.

Customer Success

How we help you succeed

Nothing matters more to us than making our users succeed. We make sure integration and onboarding is pain-free and we don’t charge extra to support any needs you have going forward.

"Madden Analytics has gone the extra mile for us. We've had direct access to their team, and they've provided incredible service. It's not just about technology; they've been a sounding board in how to strategize and set up our inventory processes."

– Stina Göransson, COO @ Nordic Knots

Company wide access

Madden Analytics comes with unlimited user access so that you can collaborate hassle-free across the team and organization.

Free onboarding & support

As with customer support, we don’t charge for integration and we don't stress your onboarding. We are here to make sure you get the most out of Madden.

Easily accessible insights

We offer pre-build dashboards and custom recommendations. But the tool is build to take your expertise into account. Tweak reports, recommendations and sales plans as needed to reach your goals.

Save time and reduce risk

Madden is created to make your life easier and your business decisions sounder. We offer consolidated data, pre-built forecasting models and stock recommendations to make it easier for you to make informed decisions in less time.

See it for yourself.
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See it for yourself.
It’s free.

See it for yourself.
It’s free.