From spreadsheets to efficiency: Nudient's strategic shift for optimized inventory planning

March 11, 2024

Mar 11, 2024

Case Story

With new product categories on the horizon, Madden will play a vital role in guiding our inventory planning. Their continuous innovation ensures that we stay ahead of the curve.

Oscar Engström, Head of Operations & Partner, Nudient

Nudient, a Swedish fashion tech brand renowned for its sleek phone cases, has undergone a transformative journey in recent years. In an exclusive interview with Oscar Engström, Head of Operations and Partner at Nudient, we delved into their inventory planning strategy using Madden Analytics.

Founded in 2016, Nudient quickly gained traction. With a focus on a discreet and Scandinavian-inspired minimalist design, Nudient expanded its market presence internationally and has been seen around the globe from London to Tokyo. The expansion posed many challenges and learnings, fuelling an overhaul of their supply chain and inventory planning processes.

Navigating complexity

Oscar highlights Nudient’s initial struggle in planning inventory efficiently, especially with the expansion into international markets. Complexities arose with the increasing SKU count and global logistics. This prompted them to overhaul their supply chain, closing down multiple warehouses in various markets. "We hadn't anticipated the sheer complexity involved in managing coverage in multiple warehouses, transfer orders, and the cost implications of being out of stock," Oscar admits. "Initially, we built everything from scratch, including our procurement processes. But as we grew, the complexity became overwhelming," he explains.

In May 2023 Nudient turned to Madden Analytics to streamline their inventory planning processes. Madden offered them a comprehensive solution with a better overview and control. "We went from wrestling with spreadsheets to having a user-friendly interface that provided actionable insights," Oscar says. "Madden allowed us to slice and analyze data effortlessly. It streamlined our operations and freed up valuable time for strategic decision-making."

In Madden, Nudient can manage the entire workflow from analysis to forecasting to creating purchase orders that transfer into their supplier platform. By leveraging Madden's historical data analysis, sales data, and forecasting capabilities, Nudient has gained increased clarity on restocking needs, allocation strategies, and seasonal demand variations. This newfound agility empowered Nudient to become more efficient, optimize stock levels, and mitigate risks of overstocking or stockouts. “Madden has been a time-saver and an important partner in our forecasting analysis, making it more reliable and less prone to human errors," says Oscar.

"Madden Analytics isn't just about inventory planning; it provides insights crucial for sales and marketing," Oscar emphasizes. "It allowed us to see what was selling, what wasn't, and adjust our strategies accordingly."

Adaptability and usability

One of Madden's greatest assets lies in its adaptability. "In an industry characterized by specific seasonalities, Madden's customizability has been helpful," Oscar affirms. "We can apply our expertise and fine-tune our strategies accordingly."

Further reflecting on the usability, Oscar emphasized the seamless integration and support from Madden's team. "Madden's customer service is unparalleled," Oscar states. "Their dedication and responsiveness have been instrumental in our new processes."

Contingency planning

As Oscar reflects on Nudient's journey, he emphasizes the shift from relying entirely on internally built Excel sheets to a more nuanced setup where Madden Analytics plays a major role. "Previously, we were relying entirely on our in-house ability to build what we needed, and as we grew this setup became more and more unsustainable," Oscar recalls. "Reducing risk became more important and in that pursuit, Madden Analytics helped us to ensure that our capabilities are not tied to individual skill sets."

He underscores how Madden provides a holistic overview of purchasing, critical areas, and tasks, serving as an important contingency parameter for security. “With Madden, everyone can access insights into purchases and critical areas, enhancing our contingency planning,” he affirms. “The tool streamlines processes, reducing the need for extensive personnel, empowering a smaller team to handle tasks efficiently.”

Future goals

Looking ahead, Nudient aims to leverage Madden's evolving functionality to adapt to changing market dynamics and explore new product categories.  "With new product categories on the horizon, Madden will play a vital role in guiding our inventory planning," Oscar predicts. "Their continuous innovation ensures that we stay ahead of the curve."

In conclusion, Nudient's partnership with Madden Analytics has been a great addition to their journey toward operational efficiency. Through data-driven insights and tailored solutions, Nudient has not only overcome challenges in inventory planning but also positioned itself for scalable growth.


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