Take control with better data analytics and inventory optimization

Madden Analytics provides brands and retailers with the plug & play solution needed to stay on top of analytics, inventory optimization and buying. The result: increased sales, improved margins and reduced overstock.

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Nail your inventory planning with powerful data analytics

We help brands plan, buy and follow up on inventory by combining advanced analytics with the company's budgets and knowledge. Our software connects directly with your existing systems.

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Merchandize planning and buying quantification interface
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Our solutions

Replace complex spreadsheets and manual processes with real-time automation and data science

Merchandize planning and buying quantification

An intuitive solution to forecast the full assortment, down to SKU level. Based on powerful statistical models combined with knowledge and intuition of merchandizer/buyer.

In-season inventory optimization

Ensure healthy stock distribution in season - real-time stock quantities, value and inventory days for each channel. Alerts of critical stock levels and identification of overstock.

Sales and sell-through analyses

Follow up on performance and educate future decisions by cutting real-time sales and inventory data across any dimension. Metrics such as sell-through, margins, return rate and discounts.

Brand-retailer data collaboration

We help retailers and suppliers improve collaboration with automated real-time sharing of sales and inventory data. Brands can plan for true demand, and address re-stock needs in time.

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Sell more with better availability

Thought-through forecasts with solid data support will help ensure right SKUs are available when customers want it


Reduce working capital

Reduce safety stock and instead optimize buying and allocation based on projected demand. Identify and take action on what is not moving.


Save time and costs

Fully automated real-time data feeds will free up a lot of time and costs - up to 50% of demand planning/controlling time. Reduce risk of manual errors. 


Easy to get started

Our software is built industry-specific, to tailor for those specific needs and to help users get started without trainings and workshops.

Getting started

Madden Analytics handles everything needed to get going, without any startup costs. No need for an IT project or consultants. We have a large and growing library of plug & play integrations, and we are happy to add more to the list if your systems are not already in place.

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Feedback from our customers

Jonas Skommevik

"Many have tried to figure out the secret recipe for success when it comes to seasonal merchandise planning – but very few have been able to succeed in the way Madden Analytics has"

Jonas Skommevik, CEO

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Eytys store

"As we are growing fast it is very important for us to always meet customer demand and not to end up with overstock. Madden’s Planning functionality makes it easy for us to create both detailed and aggregated forecasts that resonate with our budget, and quickly see what we need to buy and when"

Ellinore Erichsen, Controller

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Lisa Pelle Vävare

"Madden is easy to understand and use, without any previous knowledge or a need for consultants to be hired; you can simply get going instantly. We hadn’t found any other software supplier being able to deliver that promise"

Lisa Basilius, CEO

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