Take control with better data analytics and inventory optimization

Madden Analytics provides brands and retailers with the plug & play solution needed to stay on top of analytics, inventory optimization and buying. The result: increased sales, improved margins and reduced overstock.

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Our solutions

KPI dashboards and interactive analytics

Cut detailed data across any dimension and time period, to understand patterns and identify drivers. Metrics such as sell-through, margin, return rate and discounts.

Inventory optimization

Real-time stock analysis, including volume, value, velocity and stock coverage. Alerts of critical stock levels and identification of overstock.

Forecasting, assortment planning & buying

Sales and stock forecasts on aggregate and down to SKU level, adjustable to capture knowledge of merchandizer and buyer. Quantification of required volumes across buying cycles.

Brand-retailer data collaboration

We help retailers and suppliers improve collaboration with automated real-time sharing of sales and inventory data. Brands can plan for true demand, and address re-stock needs in time.

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Increase sales with better availability

Use Madden's inventory management and assortment planning features to anticipate and react to upcoming stock-outs and to ensure the right quantities are bought at the right time.


Reduce working capital

Reduce capital tied up in goods by lowering safety stock and instead optimize buying and allocation based on projected demand. Identify and take action on what is not moving.


Save time and costs

Increase efficiency in Sales, Merchandizing and Controlling functions with better data availability and quality. Avoid spending significant and unpredictable costs on data management and setting up reports.


Full control across sales network

Madden's platform not only connects D2C, B2B and franchise channels - we also connect multi-brand retailers to fetch sell-through data in real-time, improving collaboration and ability to plan ahead for true  demand.

Getting started

Madden Analytics handles everything needed to get going, without any startup costs. No need for an IT project or consultants.

We set up integrations to your POS/ERP/e-com as needed via our large and growing library of plug and play integrations.

We store data for you, end-to-end encrypted with top-level data security. Data structures set up for optimal speed in application.

We cross-check data feeds to ensure everything is 100% correct.

You will be up and running with best practice analysis and planning solutions within a couple of days.

Voices about Madden Analytics

"Madden makes it easy for us to create both detailed and aggregated forecasts, and quickly see what we need to buy when"
Ellinore Erichsen, Controller
Care of Carl
"We believe in a greater transparency between retailers and their suppliers and brands, and we believe Madden Analytics provides the best solution in the market for this"
Henrik Nygren, COO
"Madden’s combination of D2C and retailer sell-through is unique - their solution helps us optimize our supply chain to meet demand, regardless of channel”
Suhrab Lachin, CEO
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