Improved merchandize planning and buying functionality

April 6, 2022

Apr 6, 2022

Product Update

Merchandize planning & buying in Madden Analytics

A few weeks back we launched a new version of our Planning module, which supports brands with merchandize planning and buying. The module now has brand new interface and improved forecasting, to make it easier to use and to give more accurate recommendations. 

The Planning module lets the user create sales plans/forecasts of the full assortment, down to SKU level. Creating a sales plan for a specific style is done with a few mouse clicks and allows the user to combine automated data models with own experience and intuition. Size curves are recommended based on historical patterns or reference styles. 

Accounting for ingoing stock, target sell-through, incoming purchase orders and outgoing B2B/wholesale orders, the user is recommended how many units of each SKU is needed to realize the sales plans. 

In the new version, we have also ensured a close link between the detailed merchandize planning and overall budgets. The user can easily see how aggregated plans stand against monthly budget/financials targets, as well as OTB / Open To Buy in sales value and cost price for any period. 

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