Nudient goes for one billion and looks to Madden Analytics for scalable inventory forecasting and planning

May 15, 2023

Press Release

In just four years, Nudient has become a strong established brand in Europe, well known for their well designed slim phone cases and mobile accessories. Last year Nudient impressively reached a turnover of SEK 100 million and entered the US market. Now they are looking to break the billion SEK barrier in the coming years. To adapt to their growth they need scalable solutions across the their entire operation. With Madden Analytics they have an end-to-end solution for demand forecasting and inventory planning.

In Madden, Nudient can combine their sales and inventory data into a single integrated platform to forecast future sales and optimize purchases to not over produce, or overstock. This enables them to seamlessly work with and analyze their data in real-time, resulting in streamlined processes and significant time savings as they continue to expand. By leveraging an end-to-end solution that includes forecasting demand and managing inventory levels, Nudient can effectively optimize their production decisions and automate parts of their buying operations.

- Nudient is growing rapidly, and it is important for us to have solutions and processes in every part of our business that allows for this. We see Madden Analytics as a crucial partner in ensuring scalability in production planning and procurement, and in enabling growth without overproduction or excessive inventory, says Oscar Engström, Head of Operations & Business Development at Nudient.

Both Nudient and Madden Analytics are committed to ensure scalability, adaptability, and sustainable growth in business.

- Nudient have made impressive strides in just a few years. As they continue to expand we are happy to provide them with scalable solutions that will facilitate their growth. Our end-to-end solution for demand forecasting and inventory planning is made to meet the evolving needs of companies like Nudient, says Axel Bukowski, CEO of Madden Analytics.

About Nudient

Nudient is a fashion tech brand creating products designed from the core. Established in Stockholm in 2016, their products are worn by people all over the world from London to Tokyo.

Contact: Axel Bukowski, CEO Madden Analytics,


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