Nudie sets out to lower inventory levels and optimize purchasing with Madden Analytics

April 11, 2024

Apr 11, 2024

Madden's platform not only provides valuable planning and forecasting features but insights into analysis, store management, and replenishment, allowing for a unified view across the entire company.

Filip Landälv, Business Process Manager, Nudie Jeans

The cult classic denim brand Nudie Jeans uses Madden Analytics, a leading inventory planning and optimization solution, to enhance its operational efficiency and support its sustainable production processes.

Since its inception in 2001, Nudie Jeans has been more than just a denim brand; it's been a symbol of longevity and sustainability. With a commitment to creating jeans meant to last a lifetime, Nudie Jeans has garnered global acclaim and a loyal customer base. Seeking to streamline their purchasing and production processes further, Nudie Jeans has turned to Madden Analytics.

Filip Landälv, Business Process Manager at Nudie Jeans highlights several reasons why Nudie Jeans wanted a software to forecast and plan their inventory better. “The main reason was to optimize inventory and purchasing volume and frequency," he explains. “Madden's platform not only provides valuable planning and forecasting features but insights into analysis, store management, and replenishment, allowing for a unified view across the entire company,” he elaborates. This enables alignment throughout Nudie’s organisation on how they are performing. Landälv puts emphasis on the importance of having a consolidated view rather than scattered data across different systems.

Nudie Jeans aims to reduce inventory levels while ensuring the availability of the right products in stock. Landälv also notes that providing suppliers with timely and accurate data facilitates smoother production processes. "Better estimates and improved forecasts make the supplier's job easier and production smoother.” He underscores the importance of collaboration and transparency across the supply chain.

One key benefit Nudie sees in Madden is the ease of understanding and user-friendliness of the platform. "Madden felt easy to understand and user-friendly - combined with excellent support from Madden's team," Landälv says. “The close and accessible contact with professionals who understand Nudie's systems and needs has been instrumental in our adoption of the software.”

Through streamlined processes and enhanced forecasting capabilities, Nudie Jeans will be poised to continue their journey towards more efficient and responsible production practices, all while maintaining their reputation as a leading denim brand with a conscience.

About Nudie Jeans
Established in 2001 in Gothenburg, Nudie Jeans redefines denim with a focus on longevity and sustainability. They are sold in 50+ countries around the world and their 30 Repair Shops spread across Europe, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan uphold their commitment to lasting quality.

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