Norwegian D2C brand Onepiece picks Madden as their analytics software

October 5, 2022

Oct 5, 2022

Press Release

Onepiece on joining Madden Analytics

Madden Analytics and its powerful data analytics tool have been chosen as the provider for business analytics and intelligence by Onepiece.

Onepiece originated as a niche casual clothing brand in Norway back in 2007. Today it offers the world's biggest catalog of jumpsuits and onesies with a worldwide customer base. Rounding the corner of 2022 Onepiece was looking for a new analytics tool to support their new setup after moving their webstore to the headless commerce platform Centra. As of October, the mission falls on Madden Analytics.

"We recently decided to move our webshop to Centra’s platform and were looking for a user-friendly analytics tool with an easy plug-and-play integration. Madden Analytics offers both and we are looking forward to start using the software”, says Martin Beer Prydz, CEO of Onepiece.

Madden’s SaaS-based analytics tool not only helps brands analyze their sales and inventory data but helps them forecast future sales and plan their inventory to meet market demand. 

"We’re impressed by Onepiece and their ability to create and lead a niche product category with pure D2C sales in many different countries, and we’re glad that Madden can support their Analytics and Planning", says Axel Jacobsson, CEO at Madden Analytics.

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About Onepiece
Onepiece, founded in 2007, is a niche casual clothing brand specializing in comfortable jumpsuits and adult onesies. It is one of the most successful international Norwegian clothing brands, with products sold in close to 150 countries, with US, UK, Germany, Netherlands, France, Sweden & Norway as our biggest markets.

Contact: Axel Jacobsson, CEO, Madden Analytics,


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