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June 27, 2024

Jun 27, 2024

Product Update

A lot has been cooking at Madden in the past few months. Not only is the app now running at a new top speed (setting new loading speed records daily), but we’ve also created a bunch of new fast lanes for your daily work with updates to the sales plan and purchase plan workflows.

Check out all the new updates below, and let us know if you have any questions!

Improved speed

We continually work on making Madden faster and more enjoyable to use. Recently we’ve put extra effort into improving the speed in the Planning module and the Purchase Order list. More updates are in the works but we hope you can already tell the difference. 

New and improved Sales Plan flow

For all planning users, we have redesigned the process for creating and editing sales plans. Our goal is to make it easier for you to pick up where you left off and to provide a clearer overview of your available options.

We have also introduced several new functionalities, including the ability to see how your sales plan will impact future inventory values as you create it.

You can now view past sales performance by clicking the blue left arrow to access more history.

Additionally, you can now scale all the different forecast options for your sales plan as you create it. Ideal for those with clear growth targets.

Updated Purchase Plan flow

The interface for creating purchase plans (planning purchase orders over time) has also been revamped. While much of the functionality remains the same, the goal is to make it easier to use and provide a clearer overview of the results. When you open the feature, you now immediately see any previously created draft POs. Simply fill in the necessary details for the calculations (lead time, MOQ, minimum time between orders) and click 'Optimize Orders' to calculate the optimal purchase plan for the item. This will show you how your purchase orders (both draft and committed) are scheduled over time and how your inventory curve is projected to look.

A small but useful detail is to watch out for the color of the number below the graph. If it is orange or red, it indicates a warning that one or more sizes will run out of stock that month.

Another new functionality allows you to exclude sales that are projected to occur when a product is out of stock. Select 'Assume missed sales' under 'Handle negative stock' to exclude these sales from the calculations.

Improved reference product selection

Finding the right volume and size curve for products without history is now easier, perfect for seasonal products not yet released. When selecting a reference product, you can filter by season, category, or other product aspects you want to explore. A glorious addition for those of you managing numerous unique items!

Manually edit Draft Orders

Edit your drafts after they're created to fine-tune details. Navigate to your purchase order (tip: easily found in the planning view after selecting your products), click 'Edit content', adjust each line item individually, or round off quantities using the feature in the upper right corner (see below).

Integration overview

We’ve enabled account admins to view your account integrations. You can access this view by navigating to Account > Settings > Integrations or follow this link. Here, you can check the status of your data syncs and see when the next one is scheduled. If you feel like your data isn’t up to date when planning, you can manually update it using the option in the upper right corner of the relevant integration.

If you encounter any issues or something still isn’t right, please contact us at

We are currently in the process of adding the integrations, if you find that you can’t find all your integrations they will be added soon.

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