Najell partners with Madden Analytics to optimize their inventory planning and grow a sustainable supply chain

February 1, 2023

Feb 1, 2023

Press Release

"We partner with Madden Analytics to ensure optimized inventory levels."

Swedish family product brand Najell grows exponentially and doubles down on securing a scalable supply chain with Madden Analytics as their partner for inventory planning and optimization.

Najell is a family-owned business launched in 2012 with a vision to offer great quality and environmentally friendly products to the urban family. Najell puts great importance on the sustainability of their business and operating a sustainable supply chain. As the brand grows, so does the complexity of its operations. Demand forecasting and inventory planning are cumbersome processes that require a lot of time and effort. To support sustainable growth, Najell sees a need to digitize their inventory planning processes. 

"We are happy to partner with Madden Analytics to ensure optimized inventory levels to support our business. As we grow it is important to have a tool that we can scale with, that saves us time on complex processes, and that ensures accurate forecasting and production in line with our true demand", says Niklas Najafi Kristensen, CEO and Founder at Najell.

Madden Analytics is a cloud-based analytics platform providing brands and retailers solutions for inventory planning and replenishment. With powerful forecasting and automation, the software helps customers reduce stockouts and overproduction, directly benefiting profitability and the planet. 

Madden Analytics allows Najell to have full control over inventory planning and still save valuable time on manual processes. With Madden, they are able to more accurately plan and manage their inventory in response to demand and avoid unnecessary overproduction.

"We are impressed with Najells growth journey and are happy to partner with them to support their mission to keep healthy inventory levels and avoid overproduction going forward", says Axel Bukowski, CEO at Madden Analytics.

Contact: Axel Jacobsson, CEO, Madden Analytics,


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