Meet the team: Christian Hultin

December 6, 2022

Dec 6, 2022

Madden Team

Christian may have started out as a management consultant but his powers certainly also lie in software development. And in music. And in guitar hero. The list can be made quite long and we are impressed by all. However, we are extra lucky to have him working hard on creating a great working product for our users. Let’s get to know Christian a bit better!

Hello Christian, how did you end up at Madden Analytics?

One of the founders of Madden, Petter, and I were in the same year at university, although back then I never thought about pursuing a career in software development. Instead, I ended up in management consulting after finishing my degree, grinding hours making slides and excel-models to advise large businesses in corporate strategy. After a few years of that, I did a 180, started working as a coder-for-hire, and made my hobby my full-time job - it’s the best decision I ever made. 

A couple of more years down the software development path, I got a message from Petter telling me about Madden and what they were planning on building. I found it fascinating. It seemed like a great mix of my two pasts and we decided to meet up for a beer. Luckily for both of us, the timing was very good as I was looking for an opportunity to build something from the ground up and Madden felt like a great fit!

How did you get good at what you do?

I would like to believe my enjoyment of writing code is what helps me get better, that and my aspiration to learn everything there is to know within software development (it can sometimes get overwhelming yes 🙃). In reality it is likely more a matter of mileage and a stubborn mind, but it helps to like what you do. 

At Madden, I have primarily been working on building the actual end product, delivering features across the stack from backend and data structures to frontend and UI/UX - just as I like it. I feel it creates a greater sense of involvement in what we do and probably speaks to my business background in creating value for consumers. And you never get bored! It really is a wonderful way of working.

What about your job would surprise people?

I don’t know if my job is that surprising haha. I bet if you ask other developers, the everyday work wouldn’t be very different, except for the obvious freedom of working at a startup and building things from the ground up (and the responsibility that comes with it). Plus, we obviously have a great team, for me, that's half the fun of waking up in the morning. 

If you press me I would say this though; purchasing logic is probably way more complex than most people imagine, and most organizations in our line of scope have a very hard time tackling that challenge. It’s astonishing how many people still use excel as their primary weapon of choice. Personally, I think it’s really cool to help them take that next step, having done quite a few of those monster-excel-models myself in my earlier years…

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