November 9, 2022

Nov 9, 2022

Madden Team

Meet the team: Carl Nilsson

Meet Calle, one of our eminent software developers. He is our integration wizard and one of the people who our users can thank for a smooth ride when onboarding onto Madden and getting all their data streams in place. Calle is also known for his cowboy boot collection and for being an avid Linux user. Today, we get to know him a bit better!

Hello Calle, how did you end up at Madden?

I got a phone call from Axel one afternoon a few years ago when I was taking care of my son. Axel had been tipped off about me when Petter and Axel realized that Madden, which was still in the idea stage, would be heavily reliant on integrations, which is my forte. The concept of Madden Analytics sparked my interest right away and we had a coffee that next day. A week or so later I spent my nights coding away on the first alpha version of the Madden platform!

How did you get good at what you do?

Stubbornness. I hated school so that was not really an option.

Also, you could say I have grown up around retail. My dad worked for Adidas and I grew up in Herzogenaurach, Germany, the small town where Adidas and Puma were founded. From an early, age I was interested in retail, business, and technology. After completing High School in the USA (we moved a lot) I moved home to Sweden to work for Zoovillage, a Swedish multi-brand retailer. Zoovillage kicked off my career within ecommerce and since then I have developed ecommerce platforms, solutions and integrations for various fashion brands and technology partners both in the ecommerce and physical retail space. Before jumping on the Madden train I was the Head of Integrations at Sitoo, a cloud-based POS platform.

Other than being persistent it helps to work with something that you love. Coding and learning new things is a passion of mine so work feels more like a hobby.

What about your job would surprise people?

I spend my days developing the Madden API, its underlying data structure as well as building out our ever-growing suite of standardized integrations. A big part of this consist of mapping our customers' data from various channels into Madden's standardized format. You'd be surprised to know that each platform we integrate to has its own unique way of describing/declaring discounts. That can be quite the pain in the a... :)

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