MADLADY Partners with Madden Analytics to Improve Inventory Turnover

May 28, 2024

Press Release

MADLADY, the Scandinavian apparel brand renowned for its bold statement trousers and commitment to timeless design, announces its strategic partnership with Madden Analytics, a leading Inventory Planning SaaS provider. This collaboration marks a significant step for MADLADY as it seeks to optimize its inventory planning processes to meet the demands of its global customer base.

MADLADY has, since its inception, disrupted the apparel industry with its Scandinavian-inspired designs, dedication to inclusivity, and a mission to provide comfortable, durable, and stylish trousers. Offering a diverse range of styles and lengths, MADLADY has garnered a loyal global following through its online-only presence, catering to customers with diverse preferences and needs. Committed to sustainability and quality, Madlady challenges the apparel industry by providing individual-size guides for each trouser model and prioritizing high-quality materials to promote mindful consumption and timeless products.

Recognizing the heightened importance of accurate demand forecasting and efficient inventory planning as the brand grows, MADLADY has turned to Madden Analytics. By leveraging Madden Analytics' SaaS solution, MADLADY aims to enhance its ability to forecast demand, optimize purchasing decisions, and increase stock turnover. This partnership reflects MADLADY's commitment to continuous improvement and innovation in its operations.

"We are excited to partner with Madden Analytics to strengthen our inventory planning capabilities," said Ilia Komorin, Founder of MADLADY. "By leveraging Madden Analytics' expertise and advanced analytics tools, we are confident that we can enhance our efficiency and make purchasing easier."

Axel Bukowski, CEO of Madden Analytics, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "MADLADY is a visionary brand with a strong commitment to quality and innovation. We are thrilled to support MADLADY in their mission to optimize inventory planning and drive sustainable growth."

MADLADY is a Scandinavian apparel brand dedicated to revolutionizing women's wardrobe choices with stylish, comfortable, and durable trousers. Embracing inclusivity and sustainability, MADLADY offers a diverse range of trouser styles and lengths, accompanied by individual size guides for a personalized shopping experience.

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