Madden and e-com platform Centra are partnering to help brands plan production

September 2, 2022

Sep 2, 2022

Partner Insight

"We’re impressed by the team behind Madden Analytics and their easy-to-use services."

Madden Analytics and their SaaS tool to forecast and plan sales and inventory are partnering with fashion and lifestyle e-commerce platform, Centra, by launching a plug-and-play integration for D2C brands using the Centra platform. The partnership aims to help more brands to make better inventory forecasts and increase buying precision. 

Many consumer goods brands are struggling to forecast how much inventory they need to buy. Lead times are often long, hundreds or thousands of SKUs need individual forecasts, historical data can be messy - and it all needs to link to sales targets and buying budgets. So it is only natural it is hard - especially if it all relies on a massive excel sheet. 

Madden Analytics offers a powerful software solution to tackle this problem. In Madden’s intuitive web application, the user can quantify production needs for each individual SKU using Madden’s forecasting models combined with the brand’s own intuition and assortment strategy. In-season, the user can track sales performance and identify the appropriate next steps to increase sales, such as stock allocation, re-stocks or product activation.

The strategic partnership with Centra is an important part of making Madden’s software accessible to more brands:

“Centra is one of the leading e-commerce platforms for brands that are selling both D2C and in wholesale. Furthermore, many brands on the Centra platform are growing fast, making inventory planning increasingly important and increasingly complex. We already work with a number of brands on the Centra platform, and with our plug & play integration we are able to make it even easier for more users to improve their inventory planning and buying“ says Axel Jacobsson, CEO of Madden Analytics.

The partnership plays an important role for Centra as well in their aim to offer a full-suite offering to their users:

“We strive to collaborate with the best technology partners in the industry to solve crucial problems for our users, and the topic of forecasting and planning inventory is on top of the agenda for all D2C companies. We’re impressed by the team behind Madden Analytics and their easy-to-use services, and believe they will be a great addition to our partner portfolio. Madden is already used by several of our customers and will likely be an important operational tool for many more to come.” says Martin Jensen, CEO of Centra.

As part of the partnership launch, Madden offers Centra customers the possibility to try out Madden’s services during a shortened subscription period and at a special launch price - contact info is available below for more details.

About Centra

Centra is a powerful and globally scalable e-commerce platform for fashion and lifestyle brands. It is creating the next wave of Composable Commerce with the "brand to the bone" platform for brands that run global Direct-to-Consumer and Digital Wholesale operations. With Centra, brands with global ambitions can capture new markets and customers through one online store that’s localized to any market. Leading brands across the world trust Centra to seamlessly connect people to products.

Contact: Axel Jacobsson, CEO Madden Analytics,


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