Madden Analytics partners with NaviPro - launches new integration app for Dynamics 365 Business Central

December 14, 2023

Dec 14, 2023

Partner Insight

Leading Inventory Planning provider Madden Analytics partners with NaviPro, a prominent ERP system provider. The partnership aims to deliver a streamlined experience for Dynamics 365 Microsoft Business Central users by offering seamless integration to Madden Analytics. Enabling deeper insights for informed decision-making and optimized inventory planning processes.

NaviPro has longstanding industry experience in delivering high-quality information systems setup and support within finance, production, and logistics through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Sharing the same core customer segment with Madden Analytics within fashion, sports apparel, and e-commerce brands, the partnership and integration are tailored to offer comprehensive expertise and industry-specific solutions to support brands within these segments.

The collaboration brings an exclusive integration app designed for companies looking to sync Dynamics 365 Business Central with Madden Analytics. By facilitating a seamless integration between Dynamics 365 Business Central and Madden Analytics, the partners can help enhance the operational efficiency of its joint users.

Johann Runemark, Sales Manager at NaviPro, is pleased with the new collaboration:

"The collaboration with Madden Analytics opens up exciting opportunities for us and our customers. By combining Madden's expertise in analysis, inventory planning, and procurement support with our knowledge of Business Central, we enhance the possibilities for our customers and provide them with a more comprehensive view of their operations. Together, we look forward to assisting both existing and new customers in optimizing their business processes and making more informed decisions. We are pleased to have a growing number of shared customers and see this as an opportunity for more brands to choose Business Central in combination with Madden Analytics."

With this integration, brands can access essential data from Business Central in Madden. This includes information such as article details, inventory balances, sales data, and purchase orders. By enabling direct tracking of statuses, orders, and deliveries in Madden, the integration ensures comprehensive visibility and facilitates streamlined planning. Additionally, Madden Analytics users can efficiently transfer committed draft purchase orders directly to Business Central, enhancing operational efficiency.

Key features of the integration:

  • Exclusive Integration for Dynamics 365 Business Central – Tailored exclusively for Dynamics 365 Business Central, providing a seamless experience for existing users.

  • Seamless Data Transfer to Madden Analytics – Business data, including product information and transactions, seamlessly transfers from Business Central to Madden Analytics for efficient budgeting and inventory analysis.

  • Flexible Setup – User-friendly menus and easy configuration allow flexible customization of the integration and integration objects based on users' specific needs.

  • Efficient Product Data Management – Users can efficiently manage product data by configuring source tables and field mapping, offering flexibility and optimized use of product data within Business Central.

  • Automatic Updates – The integration includes an automated system for updates and logging, streamlining user workflows, and minimizing manual work.

The collaboration between Madden Analytics and NaviPro significantly opens doors for more brands to utilize Madden’s unique solutions to leverage data for growth and optimization.

“Partnering with NaviPro to ease the integration process between Madden Analytics and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is strategically important for us as NaviPro is one of the most well-renowned Business Central consultants in Sweden. NaviPro holds deep knowledge about Business Central, and is the main ERP partner for a large number of successful retail and e-commerce companies in Sweden, and many of our users,” says Axel Bukowski, CEO of Madden Analytics. We’re happy to offer tailored expertise to our shared customers and to easily facilitate a growing number of them as more and more retail and e-commerce companies see the need for improved inventory planning,” he adds.

To learn more about how this integration can help your brand plan inventory more efficiently, join our upcoming webinar on the 16th of January. Sign up here!

You can also request a free demo of the setup here.


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