Madden Analytics Chosen by Active Brands Group to Optimize Multi-Brand Inventory Planning

May 15, 2024

Press Release

Active Brands Group, a leading House of Brands specializing in innovative products related to sports, health, and consumer goods, enters a strategic partnership with Madden Analytics to optimize inventory planning across its diverse portfolio of brands.

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Active Brands Group has established itself as a global player in the sports and health industry. With a focus on continuous growth through existing brands, acquisitions, and partnerships, the company is committed to delivering top-quality products to consumers worldwide.

Recognizing the importance of precision in inventory planning, Active Brands Group has chosen Madden Analytics as its partner to address the complexities of managing multiple brands with varying demands and distribution channels. Madden Analytics' Inventory Planning software will enable Active Brands Group to forecast and optimize inventory across its diverse range of products, including seasonal collections and perennial essentials.

"As a company with a dynamic portfolio of brands and distribution channels, it is essential for us to have robust inventory planning capabilities. We are sure Madden Analytics' expertise and technology will enable us to streamline our operations further and support our growth trajectory," says Hélène Briggert, CEO of Active Brands Group

By leveraging Madden Analytics' advanced forecasting and planning tools, Active Brands Group aims to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure optimal product availability for consumers worldwide.

"Active Brands Group is on an impressive growth journey and we look forward to supporting them in inventory planning," says Axel Bukowski, CEO of Madden Analytics.

About Active Brands Group

Active Brands Group (Active Brands Group Scandinavia AB) is a leading House of Brands headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Since its founding in 2014, the company has focused on bringing innovative products related to sports, health, and consumer goods to the global market. With a diverse portfolio of brands and a commitment to excellence, Active Brands Group is dedicated to driving growth and delivering top-quality products to consumers worldwide.


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