Madden Analytics and Ongoing WMS partners to help brands forecast their inventory needs

September 15, 2022

Sep 15, 2022

Partner Insight

“Madden Analytics offers a powerful, intuitive, and data-driven solution."

With Madden Analytics and Ongoing WMS combined, taking control of your supply chain has never been easier.

Madden’s cloud-based analytics platform allows consumer brands and retailers to make more data-driven decisions about sales and inventory. With the market-leading warehouse management system Ongoing, brands can have complete traceability of their production needs. By taking into account yet-to-be-delivered purchase orders from Ongoing, Maddens’ software becomes even more accurate.

Many consumer brands are struggling to forecast what and how much inventory they need to support their sales targets, leading them to problems with overstock, or on the other end, missed sales. Madden’s analytics platform and powerful forecasting models can help brands using Ongoing WMS better understand their inventory pain points to efficiently plan their purchases to reduce overstock and support their sales to meet market demand.

“Madden Analytics offers a powerful, intuitive, and data-driven solution for brands to forecast and plan their purchases. We are sure that many companies using Ongoing to manage their warehouses will greatly benefit from Madden’s solution to make well-guided decisions on future purchases and re-stocks”, says Fredrik Einarsson, CEO of Ongoing Warehouse. “The partnership with Madden Analytics is a great addition on our mission to assure that we offer our users the best extensions to our warehouse software”, he adds.  

The new integration enables a completely streamlined setup and inventory planning process for the users. Madden Analytics adds:

“We are impressed by Ongoing and their team, and their WMS software is used by many of our existing customers as well as by many potential customers we are in dialogue with. We share the vision to create and offer best-in-class software to companies regardless of size using a SaaS model. By offering a standard integration between our systems we’ll make it even easier for brands to forecast and plan buying and production based on data”.  says Axel Jacobsson, CEO of Madden Analytics. 

Contact: Axel Jacobsson, CEO Madden Analytics,

About Ongoing
Ongoing Warehouse is a leading, Sweden-based, software company specializing in a web-based Warehouse Management System (WMS) for logistics-intensive companies such as 3PL and those managing their own warehousing. Ongoing Warehouse has a strong international presence with customers in thirty-plus countries.


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