Lyle & Scott has integrated Madden Analytics for improved sales and inventory optimization

March 23, 2023

Mar 23, 2023

Press Release

"We really like their functionalities, intuitive analytics, and ease of use."

Proscott are using Madden Analytics’ solutions to forecast demand, plan inventory and optimize sales for the brand Lyle & Scott in the Swedish market.

Proscott Agency is a family-owned and operated golf sport and fashion agency, representing brands such as Lyle & Scott, Malbon, Jones, Russel Athletic, and more. It is the oldest still active company in golf sport in Sweden, founded in the 1950s, and is managed by its CEO Ted Jöhncke. The legacy of the brand Lyle & Scott, founded in Scotland in 1874, goes even further back, and has a customer base that spans the globe. 

The Lyle & Scott stores are using Sitoo as POS system - making the integration of Madden Analytics quick and easy. 

- We chose to work with Madden Analytics because we really like their functionalities, intuitive analytics, and ease of use, as well as for the fact that they have an integration towards our POS-system Sitoo meaning we could be up and running in just a day or two. We see that their functionality for inventory planning will help us plan more efficiently to meet demand as well as reduce our time spent on manual tasks, says Ted Jöhncke, CEO of Proscott Agency. 

Proscott and Lyle & Scott are using Madden Analytics to forecast demand for their different sales channels and plan their inventory allocation accordingly. They keep track of current inventory to make sure high runners are always in stock and slow movers can be identified and activated. In addition, they can track sales performance and related metrics such as margins, inventory sell-through, return rates, collection sales, and more through Madden’s intuitive dashboards and reports. 

- We’re happy to have the iconic brand Lyle & Scott integrated on our platform, and look forward to continuing to support them going forward, says Axel Jacobsson, CEO of Madden Analytics.

Contact: Axel Bukowski, CEO Madden Analytics,


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