Länna Sport partners with Madden Analytics for more data-driven supplier collaboration

March 8, 2021

Mar 8, 2021

Press Release

‍Retailer Länna Sport is a long-time institution in the Swedish Sports & Outdoor industry, appreciated by loyal customers for their expertise and deep assortment of more than 400 quality brands. As they continue to grow their stronghold in categories such as alpine, cross country skiing, ice hockey and biking, they have experienced the need of deepening the partnership with their most important suppliers. 

“The customer experience is always our top priority - and having the right products in stock is a fundamental part of this. By sharing detailed sales and inventory data with our suppliers in a structured way, they can help us make that happen”, says Nils Björkman, owner and buyer at Länna Sport. 

Länna Sport recently integrated Madden Analytics’ solution for sharing continuous sales and inventory data with suppliers. Suppliers can see - down to SKU-level - what is selling and what is not, and what products need to be replenished not to miss sales opportunities. Länna Sport has also set trigger levels for high velocity products, which automates parts of the in-season and NOOS buying process. 

“Madden Analytics is a great addition for us in many ways. By keeping suppliers informed we can avoid undesired stock-outs which would disappoint our customers, and it concretely drives sales for both us and our suppliers. We save a lot of time in buying and reporting, and our suppliers are really happy about the opportunity to access real-time data. We have been in the industry a long time, and really see the need for deeper data collaboration between brands and retailers - now more than ever. Madden’s solution makes it really easy for us”, says Nils Björkman. 

Contact: Axel Jacobsson, CEO Madden Analytics, axel@maddenanalytics.com 


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