Jeanerica uses Madden Analytics to help secure a balanced and sustainable inventory

February 20, 2023

Feb 20, 2023

Press Release

"With the help of Madden Analytics, we are able to forecast more accurately and track our sales and stock levels in real-time."

European denim house Jeanerica deploys Madden Analytics to optimize stock levels, further strengthening a state-of-the-art supply chain.

Turning the denim industry on its head, Jeanerica puts great emphasis on sustainability in production and throughout the entire supply chain. Their products are made from sustainable high-quality fabrics and finished using the best techniques available. They are committed to a zero-waste philosophy across their processes – creating high-quality textiles with no wasted materials, water or energy.

Jeanerica operates a tight supply chain with short lead times and small batch sizes to fulfill their own e-commerce and over 200 retailers. To reap the full value of their strong operational setup, intelligent and automated forecasting and inventory planning is needed. 

With Madden Analytics, Jeanerica can forecast sales using machine learning models and get demand forecasts down to SKU level. The forecasts and purchase recommendations take into account historical sales data, current stock levels, incoming purchase orders, outgoing B2B orders, lead times/MOQs and target sell-through. This allows Jeanerica to optimize buying and replenishment to better realize their sales projections and make sure their production is in line with demand.

- An efficient and sustainable supply chain has been a foundation for Jeanerica since inception. In order to deliver on our zero waste philosophy we are in need of efficient and reliable processes to plan our inventory. With the help of Madden Analytics, we are able to forecast more accurately and track our sales and stock levels in real-time. This is imperative for Jeanerica to keep growing sustainably, says Kristoffer Rofelt, CFO at Jeanerica.

Madden Analytics operates with the goal of helping brands to be more aligned with demand through better data transparency and understanding - values they now hope will support Jeanerica in reaching their goals.

- Jeanerica is an impressive brand. Their dedication to sustainability in an industry traditionally known for practices with adverse impacts on the environment is inspiring. For us, it is a proof of concept when a conscious brand like Jeanerica chooses to use Madden Analytics to improve their inventory planning in support of sustainable growth, says Axel Bukowski, CEO of Madden Analytics.

About Jeanerica

Jeanerica is a European denim house founded in Stockholm in 2018. They make contemporary premium denim products, constructed to last. Committed to a zero-waste philosophy throughout their processes they create high-quality textiles with no wasted materials, water, or energy. Jeanerica’s Scandinavian roots run deep, giving a brand inspired by the idea of creating a feeling of inclusivity and warmth throughout. In five years' time, they have amassed a loyal customer base spanning the globe.

Contact:  Axel Jacobsson, CEO, Madden Analytics,


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