Improved stock optimization module

October 3, 2022

Oct 3, 2022

Product Update

New and improved: Stock optimization module

We recently launched an updated version of our module for stock optimization - making it easier than ever to identify short-term re-stocks, re-allocation, and activation needs. 

Madden’s new stock optimization module gives you the full picture of your inventory health and how to improve it. We have not only enhanced the interface to make it easier to navigate and customize the data for each brand’s and retailer’s specific needs - we have also made the core recommendations (read more below) more accessible and the algorithms behind them even more precise.

Core functionalities in the updated version include: 

  • Stock visibility: A dynamic table with inventory metrics, such as inventory quantities, turnover, sales value, cost price value, days inventory, stock triggers, and indicators of stock health. The user can set what metrics they want to see in the settings, to be able to declutter the overview and focus on the important KPIs. Just as in our module for long-term inventory management, we allow for dynamic product hierarchies, allowing the user to navigate along dimensions such as categories, brands, and collections.

  • Re-stock recommendations: A clear list of what items need to be re-stocked, and by how much. The user can edit the underlying assumptions for the recommendations e.g. lead times and for how long a re-stock should last, for specific suppliers, articles, or in bulk.

  • Re-allocation recommendations: Though the overall stock levels might cover the predicted demand, the stock does not necessarily sit in the right place. The re-allocation recommendations focus on what items need to be transferred between warehouses or stores to be optimized for demand. The underlying logic avoids making recommendations with too low statistical significance where a transfer of stock would yield too little effect in sales to cover the potential costs. 

  • Activation recommendations: Highlighting the articles that move too slowly and risk becoming overstocked, based on days inventory estimation. These styles are subject to activation such as campaigns, pricing, newsletter exposure, or site exposure, in order to bring the stock burndown to a desirable pace. 

  • Deadstock: Identification of what articles have no demand, and should be sent to clearance or write-downs. 

This new feature ensures you can identify critical stock and take appropriate action in time, as well as proactively avoid overstock. Jointly, this allows for fewer missed sales and lower volumes of inventory sold at a discount. Sound good? We’d love to help you out. Book a demo to learn more!


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