ICANIWILL implements Madden Analytics to optimize inventory planning

February 15, 2024

Feb 15, 2024

Press Release

ICANIWILL, a prominent activewear brand implements Madden Analytics, a leading provider of inventory planning solutions, with the aim to optimize their inventory planning processes and further improve their stock turnover.

Active wear ICANIWILL, has grown quickly since its launch in 2012. Since then they have established distribution throughout Europe, mainly through their own ecommerce channel, and continue to invest strongly in expanding internationally.

The rapidly growing business demands enhanced forecasting and planning processes to support the many markets, sales channels, and a growing assortment. In Madden Analytics, ICANIWILL can forecast well in advance and effectively manage production for their diverse assortment and geographies. Madden also allows them to monitor their sales and stock progression and ensure optimal inventory levels with the help of replenishment recommendations, activation alerts, and deadstock prompts.

Madden Analytics CEO Axel Bukowski expresses enthusiasm about the new addition to their users, stating, "Being chosen as inventory planning partner by ICANIWILL, a high growth D2C-brand with a successful track record since its founding only a few years ago, is a great testament to our ability to provide tangible benefits through our software solution."

ICANIWILL's CEO Anders Wallstedt is also optimistic about the partnership, saying, "We are excited to be working with Madden Analytics to streamline our inventory planning. The results we anticipate, including optimized stock levels and improved stock turnover, are crucial for any brand experiencing high growth in order to optimize cash flow."

Learn more about Madden's solutions here.


With unique design and functional materials, ICANIWILL wants to inspire an active lifestyle and a belief that everyone can achieve their goals, if they want to. With the vision of becoming the leading player in sports fashion, ICANIWILL has grown explosively in recent years. Today, ICANIWILL sells functional training clothes and accessories for both men and women worldwide through its website and selected retailers.


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