Drop forecasting and new analysis module

September 26, 2023

Sep 26, 2023

Product Update

We have some fresh-of-the-press updates in Madden Analytics coming your way. The new campaign feature will make pricing for markdowns a breeze. Check out the latest feature updates below!

Updated Analysis module (beta) 

Last week, we rolled out an upgraded version of the Analysis module, featuring a sleeker design, improved navigation, and an extensive data table. The module now includes four graphical tabs - sales, discounts, margins, and returns - alongside a table that allows grouping by any dimension. You'll find filters located at the top left of the page for customization.

Global filters

In connection with the Analysis upgrade, we've introduced global filters that are sticky across modules. Now, when you apply filters in one module, such as the Planning module, they will remain applied when you switch to other modules like Stock or Analysis. This streamlines your workflow, allowing you to seamlessly flip between modules to check additional data or statistics and return to your where you were.

Planning: drop forecasting

We have added an alternative forecasting model for new articles. Specify the planned release date for the new product and your expectation regarding its commercial positioning (i.e., mainstream, tail, or somewhere in between) and Madden will create a tailored forecast. The forecast is based on typical sales patterns/lifecycles observed after new product launches in our historical data where articles have been classified and clustered based on sales behaviour, category, collection, etc.

Planning: improved status management

As a Madden user you may have already seen that we've introduced a more user-friendly way to manage the status of articles in the Plan & Buy module. The plus icon at the bottom left of the table opens up a dialogue box. Here, you can easily designate articles as active for planning, outgoing, or hidden (untoggled). If you find any articles missing, simply search for and add them to the list.

‍‍Campaigns: discount optimization for overstock reduction‍

We have launched a new feature in beta, and are currently enrolling pilot users. This module allows you to set up campaigns (e.g., End of Season Sale) and receive insightful recommendations on the ideal discount percentages needed to sell the targeted inventory during the campaign period.

The primary aim is to help you clear inventory efficiently while optimizing margins by avoiding overdiscounting. Leveraging elasticity algorithms based on historical data patterns, this feature offers a valuable tool to enhance campaign planning and execution. Additionally, the module includes a tracking tool, enabling you to monitor the sales of included articles against your targets, helping you adjust discounts as needed throughout the campaign.

Want to learn more about how Madden can support you with sales forecasting and inventory planning? Leave us your details below and we'll get in touch!


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