Djerf Avenue secures its inventory planning processes for sustainable growth with Madden Analytics

November 30, 2023

Nov 30, 2023

Press Release

Global success brand Djerf Avenue has signed with leading inventory planning SaaS solution Madden Analytics for support in demand forecasting and inventory planning.

Djerf Avenue was founded by Matilda Djerf and Rasmus Johansson in 2019 with the goal of creating a brand that would stand the test of time. Their first drop sold out overnight, and the rest is a tale of success after success with sales in over 115 countries with the US as their largest market.

Having built a strong community around their inclusive brand, they keep selling out new drops quickly. Last year, only four years after its inception, the brand reached a turnover of over € 30 million. Djerf Avenue has however, like many other brands, felt the repercussions of market changes in the last few years, making it harder than ever to forecast demand. Having always been a production-conscious brand, they don’t want to produce more than necessary, yet still, better plan for the demand of their customers. 

Madden Analytics offers Djerf Avenue advanced analytics and planning features to allow them to forecast their demand more accurately and plan their purchasing and inventory accordingly. This empowers them to not only better align their stock levels with their sales potential but also to continue to avoid overproduction.

“Partnering with Madden was a way for us to take control of our growth trajectory and not compromise our sustainable production standards. Using Madden Analytics to plan our inventory helps us meet our customers' needs without overproducing, maintaining our commitment to grow responsibly,” says Stefan Bergqvist, Purchase Controller at Djerf Avenue.

Madden’s inventory planning functionality has machine learning-powered forecasts to help users forecast demand to inform their purchase plans. Along with an analysis module that allows users to get a thorough overview of their sales and inventory data, it has a stock optimization module set up to help users analyze their inventory health and allocate stock effectively.

"It's a testament to their incredible brand and team that Djerf Avenue has managed to achieve remarkable growth without wavering from responsible production principles. We're excited that they've chosen Madden Analytics to support them in planning their inventory moving forward," says Axel Bukowski, CEO of Madden Analytics.

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