Adoore employs Madden Analytics to optimize inventory and increase stock turnover

November 7, 2023

Nov 7, 2023

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‍‍Trendsetting fashion brand Adoore has signed with Madden Analytics - a leading SaaS provider for inventory planning - to balance their inventory levels, improve stock turnover, and ultimately ensure a good cash flow as they grow.

Since its launch in 2018, Adoore has been blessed with an enthusiastic and loyal customer base, selling out new drops quickly. Being a brand known for its floral dresses, Adoore’s biggest sales period has been spring and summer but with NOOS products and other seasonal collections carrying them throughout the year.

As a startup, Adoore has relied sufficiently on intuition in purchasing with a great sense of what their customer base wants and produced what their budget has allowed. They have weighed in historical data to guide their forecasts but have been constrained to manual and time-consuming processes, prone to human errors. 

With the help of Madden, they see great potential in being able to optimize current stock, identify slow movers, and increase their stock turnover. 

"We recognize great potential in freeing up capital and securing liquidity by gaining control of our stock. Madden provides excellent and detailed analyses which will be highly valuable for analyzing stock turnover and reducing inventory levels,” says Amanda Bukowski, CEO of Adoore.

Previously Adoore has had no quantitative and reliable way to project what is going to sell fast. With more robust solutions for analysis and forecasts, they will get a better view of their customers' demand down to SKU level. As Adoore scales and expands to new markets Madden’s solutions will support them in forecasting and optimizing inventory efficiently.

“We see that we have significant potential in being more accurate in forecasting demand, especially our NOOS products to ensure they are always in stock, but also to avoid stockouts throughout the assortment. Refining our forecasting and inventory planning processes is important as we scale and expand to new markets,” says Amanda.

About Adoore ‍

Women's clothing brand Adoore was founded in 2017 by fashion entrepreneur Petra Tungården. Their garments are designed by women, for women with the mission to create clothes that celebrate all different body types - that will let individuality shine. Since their inception in 2018, the D2C brand has grown quickly, becoming one of the go-to brands for feminine silhouettes.

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