Singular Society signs with Madden Analytics to power sustainable growth

May 5, 2023

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Singular Society signs with Madden Analytics to power sustainable growth

Singular Society is growing at a rapid pace. As they grow they are looking to Madden Analytics for enhanced analytics and a data-driven approach to inventory planning and replenishment.

Singular Society launched in 2020 and is a membership-based brand offering products at the price they cost to make, earning their profit from membership costs rather than markups. The brand set out to create a business model that allows them to offer products with premium quality and at the same time minimize overproduction - what they describe as the biggest environmental challenge the retail industry is facing.

Since its inception, Singular Society has experienced impressive growth. In order to maintain their sustainable production levels and achieve their objectives, they are setting up solutions to help them scale and automate their current processes. As a part of this effort, they have turned to the Madden Analytics platform. Through Madden Analytics, Singular Society can track sales and inventory, and actively plan new purchase orders to meet demand by leveraging the forecasting models provided by Madden.

"We are excited to be working with Madden Analytics for planning our inventory going forward. The solution allows us to collect and keep up with our sales and inventory data in real time. We save a lot of time, and we can abandon our complex excel sheets for buying," says Frida Grenås, CFO at Singular Society.

The mission of Madden Analytics is to help brands and retailers make data-driven inventory decisions to reduce overproduction and stock-outs - which aligns well to the ambitions of Singular Society. 

"Singular Society and Madden Analytics have a common goal to combat overproduction. We’re excited to support Singular Society in their journey of sustainable growth," says Axel Bukowski, CEO at Madden Analytics.

About Singular Society

Singular Society, an H&M Group brand, launched in the autumn of 2020 and is an innovative membership-based brand that offers premium products at the price of what they cost to make. The brand designs, develops, and manufactures highly curated premium products for everyday life with the ambition to maximize volume and minimize the impact.

Contact: Axel Bukowski, CEO Madden Analytics,

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