Product update: Purchase Order module & Profitability forecasting

March 8, 2023

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We are happy to announce our brand new Purchase Order management module is live in Madden Analytics. We have also updated with new functionality for budget alignment and profitability forecasting, making easier than ever to plan to meet your sales goals using Madden!

Purchase Order management module

We have a brand new management tool for your POs. Use it to keep track of what's on draft, what is ordered, and how much has been delivered.

Purchase Order module in Madden Analytics.

Budget alignment feature

A common challenge for our users is calibrating the bottom-up sales planning per article with the top-down sales budget. We have created a simple way of scaling sales plans to match to budget - with just a few clicks. If you are a Madden user you’ll find this in the top bar in the Planning module.

Match to budget view in Planning module of Madden Analytics.

New forecasting models

We have built out our library with even more forecasting methods. New machine learning and neural networks methods makes your recommendations even more accurate. From now on, each statistical model is tested on each article, and the model showing the best results is picked as the Madden forecast.

Profitability forecasting

Based on historical patterns such as end of season sales and continuous campaigns, the Planning module now forecasts discounts to give a full view of forward-looking profitability. The result is visibility of what your sales and buying plans translate into, with regards to gross margin, gross profit and COGS over time. A neat tool to ensure you are aligned with the margin requirements of the company.

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