Maria Nilsdotter deploys Madden Analytics for advanced inventory planning and scalable growth

June 29, 2023

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Jewellery brand Maria Nilsdotter continues their strong growth path and deploys SaaS company Madden Analytics’ solutions for planning inventory optimization.

Founded in 2007, Maria Nilsdotter has established itself as a premier direct-to-consumer jewellery brand with three physical stores in Sweden and a thriving online presence serving customers worldwide. Each piece is designed by the companys’ founder Maria Nilsdotter and crafted by hand in Stockholm, England, and Vietnam. As the brand continues its rapid expansion, the need for an efficient system to optimize product replenishment and ensure reliable forecasting becomes paramount.

In Madden Analytics, Maria Nilsdotter gains access to advanced forecasting models that leverage historical data and current sales rates, providing them with more accurate sales projections. With enhanced visualization of sales forecasts and real-time stock levels, the brand can streamline its replenishment workflow and optimize inventory levels.

Integrating seamlessly with Maria Nilsdotter's existing systems, the Madden Analytics solution complements their use of Business Central as their ERP and Sitoo as their POS system. Both systems have standard integrations with Madden Analytics, facilitating a smooth implementation process.

"Maria Nilsdotter is an impressive brand. We are happy to support them with efficient processes for inventory planning to enable them to continue to scale and grow," says Axel Bukowski, CEO at Madden Analytics.

About Maria Nilsdotter

Founded in 2007, Maria Nilsdotter is a distinguished jewellery brand known for its unique and meticulously crafted pieces. With a focus on exceptional design and handcrafted quality, the brand operates three physical stores in Sweden and serves customers globally through its online store. For more information, please visit

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