Product update: Improved stock optimization module

October 3, 2022

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New and improved: Stock optimization module

We recently launched an updated version of our module for stock optimization - making it easier than ever to identify short-term re-stocks, re-allocation, and activation needs. 

Madden’s new stock optimization module gives you the full picture of your inventory health and how to improve it. We have not only enhanced the interface to make it easier to navigate and customize the data for each brand’s and retailer’s specific needs - we have also made the core recommendations (read more below) more accessible and the algorithms behind them even more precise.

The stock list feature showing stock quantity, value and when to replenish.

Core functionalities in the updated version include: 

This new feature ensures you can identify critical stock and take appropriate action in time, as well as proactively avoid overstock. Jointly, this allows for fewer missed sales and lower volumes of inventory sold at a discount. Sound good? We’d love to help you out. Book a demo to learn more!

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