Optimal inventory with Fortnox and Madden Analytics

Get all your order, sales and supplier data in real-time from Fortnox to Madden Analytics and get to work on optimizing your inventory levels.

Now, all Fortnox users can connect to Madden's solutions to forecast sales, plan their inventory and automate their replenishment with a direct, real-time data flow from Fortnox to Madden.

Madden Analytics has an already developed integration to Fortnox making it easy to connect. Level up with Madden Analytics and Fortnox!

Merchandize planning and buying quantification interface
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Forecast sales and plan inventory

Create forecasts and plan purchase orders in bulk or down to SKU level with detailed product data from Fortnox. Set plans for the full assortment in minutes and tweak based on your insights.


Real time data

Plan your inventory with the full view of ongoing purchase orders. Madden Analytics retrieves data from Fortnox in real-time so that you can forecast, plan and buy in confidence, and save time while you are doing it.


Stock optimization

Act on replenishment recommendations and improve the availability of your products. Sales and order information is fed directly from Fortnox to Madden so that you can be sure to view and analyze correct and up-to-date data to base your decisions on.


Imrove cashflow

Reduce overstock and balance your inventory levels to improve your cash flow. With Madden Analytics, Fortnox users can quickly identify and take action on inventory restraining their business and get more cash in hand.

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Assortment planning, forecasting and buying

Get structure, intelligence and automation in planning and buying processes to reduce missed sales and overstock


Set budgets and forecasts bottom-up and top down across the assortment, from category to SKU level


Multiple forecasting models optimized for different types of products - makes it easy to reflect knowledge of merchandizers and buyers


Ensure the right quantity in the right place with KPIs such as stock quantity, value, velocity, days at hand


Stock forecasts and buying recommendations to cover for customer demand, accounting for incoming POs


Easily navigated cross-channel inventory reporting. Filter and sort across any dimension

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Fortnox offers a cloud-based platform allowing small business owners and accounting firms to manage finances and administration efficiently. The platform is the market leader in Sweden. It also gives customers access to financial services and business insurance. For more information see www.fortnox.se

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Madden Analytics provides brands and retailers with a unique cloud solution for inventory planning and replenishment. With powerful forecasting and automation, the software helps customers reduce both overstock and stock-outs. With Madden Analytics, brands can plan and follow up on sales and inventory in wholesale as well as D2C. Read more.

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