Retailer-brand data collaboration

We help retailers and brands improve collaboration with automated real-time sharing of sales and inventory data. The result: increased sales, lower inventory and happier customers.

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The overview of Madden Analytics' Stock Optimization feature.

Real-time data

Powerful solution to share real-time sales and inventory data  between retailers and brands.

Direct system integration

Data collection via integrations to retailer’s points-of-sales.

Plan based on true demand

Plan supply chain on best available data of true customer demand, and avoid overproduction of what is not performing in the retailer network.

Replenishment prompts

Set up automated replenishments to retailers based on current sales trends and real-time inventory updates per SKU and location.

Save time on manual work

All data from all retailers automated into one web portal. Identify sales patterns and re-stock opportunities with a click.

Avoid stockouts

Brands can proactively help reduce missed sales with alerts of what risks running out of stock.

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Hear from connected brands

Brand image for Madden Analytics retail customers Länna Sport of two people skiing.Logotype in black white and red for Madden Analytic's customer Länna Sport

“By sharing detailed sales and inventory data with our suppliers in a structured way, they can help us make that happen they can help us make sure we carry the right products for our customers"

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A brand image for Madden Analytics customer Care of Carl depicting a man wearing a suit.Logotype in white for Madden Analytic's customer Care of Carl

"We believe in a greater transparency between retailers and their suppliers and brands, and as of today we are already sharing sales and inventory data on request from suppliers. Madden Analytics offers the best overall solution in the market for this challenge"

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A brand image for Madden Analytic's customer Sail Racing depicting a woman wearing ski gear in the outdoorsLogotype in white for Madden Analytic's customer Sail Racing

"We appreciate the possibility to track wholesale performance in a standardized way. We are looking forward to integrating Madden to additional key resellers and believe it is a win-win for us and our wholesale partners"

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