Grandpa starts using Madden Analytics to track and analyze performance of brands and products

October 28, 2021

Jonas Skommevik, newly appointed CEO of fashion retailer Grandpa, has long and extensive experience from the fashion industry. One of his first actions as CEO of the well curated retailer was to chose and integrate an analytics platform - and the choice of Madden Analytics was easy:

We were really impressed with Madden and their platform; it was an easy technical set-up, a reasonable monthly cost and the software is a great support for our entire organization - from management, to the store teams, to the buying team.”, says Jonas Skommevik, CEO Grandpa

Grandpa operates four physical stores and one webshop, and with products from 100+ brands there are big volumes of sales and inventory data to keep track of. There are frequent buying decisions to be made every week - through Madden the buying team has a full and detailed real-time view of product performance and inventory. Going forward the suppliers and brands carried by Grandpa will also be able to subscribe to data directly from Madden, skipping the manual step of Grandpa pulling and compiling reports to send through. 

Having full transparency towards your suppliers regarding sales and inventory numbers will hopefully be standard in the industry in a few years time, and Madden offers an easy service solving exactly what is needed. When our suppliers are updated and able to deliver products based on real-time performance, it benefits both us, them and our customers.” says Jonas Skommevik, CEO Grandpa

Madden feeds data directly from Grandpas ERP/POS-system, and the users are able to build budgets and track sales down to sales channel, category or supplier level, as well as cutting data and best practice KPI’s in any preferred way. Analyzing inventory based on sell-through or soon-to-be out-of-stock products helps provide a health check on current inventory and decide on actions. 

“We’re glad to offer our services to Grandpa and to help them use data more in their daily operations. It’s obvious we share the vision of creating more transparency around data in the industry, to minimize the risk of over- or underbuying. We’re looking forward to hopefully being an important partner in Grandpas’ sustainable growth in the coming years”, says Axel Jacobsson, CEO Madden Analytics. 

Madden Analytics was founded in 2020 in Stockholm, Sweden, and has a customer and partner base including for example Eytys, Our Legacy, Eton, Care of Carl, Lyle & Scott and Grandpa.

Contact: Axel Jacobsson, CEO Madden Analytics,

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