We help reduce overproduction and undersupply with better data

Madden Analytics was founded with the mission to help brands and retailers to be more aligned with demand by creating better data transparency and understanding.

Madden’s cloud-based analytics platform allows consumer brands and retailers to make more data-driven decisions about sales and inventory. This is enabled by powerful data analytics distilled into intuitive insights and recommendations. The result is fewer stock-outs and reduced overproduction - with direct benefits for both profitability and the planet.

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The company was founded in 2020 in Stockholm. Our team has experience from all aspects of retail, from founding and scaling brands to building international e-commerce platforms from scratch. We combine our experiences to create software products to take brands and retailers within beauty, fashion and sports to the next level.

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We are growing fast and we need more fantastic co-workers to join our journey ahead. Madden Analytics offers a fast-paced, dynamic and rewarding environment with a collaborative culture. We strive to both challenge and support each other to ensure personal development as well as the company's success.

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